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Our anointed, monthly ministries offer a variety of fellowship opportunities, providing for the spiritual needs of all that attend.
Mens' & Womens' Fellowships

Our mens' and women's fellowships feature the Word of God presented by an anointed minister. These ministries are designed to meet the separate and individual spiritual needs of men and women, providing an opportunity for open discussion of the Word, and answering specific questions and providing godly solutions to personal problems.


Mens' Fellowship is held every 4th Saturday at GODEC at 7:30 AM.


Womens' Fellowships is held every 3rd Friday at GODEC at 6:30 PM.


Our outreaches include: visitations to select nursing homes, senior residences, hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centers, neighborhood street ministries. During these services, the Word of God is given by Spirit-filled teachers. 


Senior residence ministries are held Tuesdays at 1 PM; Thursdays at 10 AM; Second Saturdays @ 11 PM; Third Sundays @ 12:30 PM


Neighborhood street ministries are hosted in select neighborhoods. Sites are chosen based on availability and will be announced. 


Visits to hospitals, prisons and rehab centers are conducted weekly, as needs arise.

Childrens' & Family Ministries

Kids's school is held every Sunday morning, during the message. It is our goal to support the raising of children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, while teaching them the Word of God on their level of understanding.


A Christian matinee, featuring Christian cinema is provided on the first Saturday of every month. The selected material is for the edification of families and their children. 


On select Saturdays following the Christian matinee, childrens' praise team practices are held. These dances are taught by experienced ministers and are presented at select services.


Family and Marriage Counseling are available upon request by Bishop Dr. Robert B. Johnson, PH.D. With the approval of the Lord, we perform marriage ceremonies. 

Wednesday Bible Studies

Weekly Bible studies are held every Wednesday at 6:30 PM. During the first week of each month, we participate in a congregational fast. Fasting topics are provided by Bishop Dr. Robert B. Johnson, PH.D. On fasting weeks, prayer services are held on Wednesday night. This prayer service includes individual prayer followed by congregational prayer. 


GODEC Bible Institute
On select Wednesday nights, certificate classes are held during regularly scheduled Bible studies. We also offer new converts classes. Materials are available for purchase. Seminars will also be held on select evenings.


​To inquire about any of our services

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